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- The Discworld (separate page)

- Discworld Meta-Literature and Spinoffs:

cover scan The Streets of Ankh-Morpork (1993, with Stephen Briggs, map artwork by Stephen Player)
"Ankh-Morpork! City of One Thousand Surprises (according to the famous publication by the Guild of Merchants)! All human life is there! Although, if it walks down the wrong alley, often quite briefly!
The city celebrated in the bestselling Discworld series by Terry Pratchett has been meticulously mapped for the first time. It's all here - from
Unseen University to the Shades, from major landmarks like the Patrician's Palace to little-known, er, nooks like the Dwarf Bread Museum in Whirlig Alley. See the famous streets along which so many heroes have walked, in some cases quite hurriedly!
As leading Ankh-Morpork entrepreneur C.M.O.T. Dibbler would say: A snip at any price - and that's cutting our own throat. Well, close."

[Corgi, 11/1993; ISBN 0-552-14161-5; Cover Art: Stephen Player]
cover scan The Discworld Mapp (1995, with Stephen Briggs, map artwork by Stephen Player)
"They said it couldn't be done. Well, it has been done, proving them wrong once again. After years of research, cunningly contrived in as many minutes, the Discworld has its map. It takes full account of the historic and much-documented expeditions of the Discworld's fêted (or at last fated) explorers: General Sir Roderick Purdeigh, Lars Larsnephew, Llamedos Jones, Lady Alice Venturi, Ponce da Quirm and, of course, Venter Borass.
Now travellers on the circular world can see it all: from Klatch to the Ramtops, from Cori Celesti to the Circle See, from Genua to Bhangbhangduc. The great cities of Hunghung, Pseudopolis, Al Khali and, of course, Ankh-Morpork are placed with lovingly care upon this world which is carried through space by Great A'Tuin."

[pb: Corgi, 1995; ISBN 0-552-14324-3; Cover Art: Stephen Player]
cover scan A Tourist Guide to Lancre (1998, with Stephen Briggs, map artwork by Paul Kidby)
"Not only an artistic and breathtaking view of Lancre but also an interesting and informative guide to one of the Discworld's more, er, picturesque kingdoms.
Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick live there. Lancre could hardly be somewhere ordinary, could it?
Magic glues the Discworld together and a lot of it ends up in Lancre, principal Kingdom of the Ramtop Mountains. Between Überwald and Whale Bay, the Octarine Grass Country and the Widdershins Ocean lies the most exciting and dangerous terrain in all Discworld. The Ramtops supply Discworld with most of its witches and wizards. The leaves on the trees in the Ramtops move even when there is no breeze. Rocks go for a stroll in the evening. Even the land, at times, seems alive.
The mapp may only be two-dimensional, but watch it very carefully and you might see it jostle about a bit."

[pb: Corgi, 1998; ISBN 0-552-14608-0; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
cover scan Death's Domain (1999)
"It's no more than a breath away ...
Everyone needs a place to relax after a long day, after all. So here is the place where the Grim Reaper can kick back and take the load off his scythe. Here's the golf course that's not so much crazy as insane, and the useless maze, and the dark gardens - all brought (incongruously) to life. And here, for the first time ever, you will find out the reason why Death can't understand rockeries, and what happens to garden gnomes.
As Death rides Binky into the sunset (of other people's lives), you can at last see what he gets up to when he's not at work."
[pb: Corgi, 1999; ISBN 0-552-14672-2; Cover Art and Illustration: Paul Kidby]
cover scan
cover scan
The Discworld Companion - Updated (with Stephen Briggs, first edition 1994, updated edition 1997)
"The Discworld is an unpredictable place, what with rivers you can skateboard across (if they weren't so knobbly), rocks that tend to stroll about of an evening and points of raw magic that can turn a body inside out as soon as look at it. For safety's sake, you need a guide.
Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs, respectively chronicler and cartographer, have produced just that - the one and only definitive guide to the flat panel that floats through space on the back of four elephants standing on a turtle.
So if you're one of those really adventurous armchair travellers, and you need to know, say, where to get a curry in Ankh-Morpork*, or indeed, anything elese about the discworld, then this is the book for you.
Happy holidays!
*Klatchian Curry Gardens, corner of God Street and Blood Alley
PS Don't use the kitchen entrance."

[pb: Vista, 1997; ISBN 0-575-60030-6; Cover Art: Josh Kirby]
[hc: Gollancz, 08/1994 (first version, much shorter than the 'updated' version); ISBN 0-575-05764-5; Cover Art: Josh Kirby]
cover scan The New Discworld Companion (with Stephen Briggs, 03/2003)
Third, revised and extended, edition of the Discworld Companion
"The Discworld started out as fantasy, but now it's all real. The seasoned Discworld traveller knows exactly how to get from Madams' Gardens to the Mended Drum (left up Easy Street, right onto Welcome Soap, fork left onto Filigree Street and the Drum is on the left, just opposite the Short Street turn). Travelling around a world so well-defined, but dangerous, without a guide, could be a very courageous choice.
Since the last revision to The Discworld Companion, new areas of the Disc have been explored, new characters discovered. We've trembled unter the chandelier at the Ankh-Morpork Opera House, we've flown with vampyres over the mysterious country of Überwald, we've sliced through time with the History Monks and we've marvelled at Mr Wintler's humorously shaped vegetables.
Stephen Briggs is the Discworld's cartographer, historian and herald. It's rumoured that in certain specialised but nevertheless legal areas he knows even more about the Discworld than Terry Pratchett. Together they have produced a new, revised edition of their best-selling guide to the world's most famous fictional world: its flora and fauna, its outstanding personalities, its customs, its institutions.
Comes complete with illustrations and highlights of Discworld heraldry."

[pb: Gollancz/Orion, 26/03/2003, 280p.; ISBN 0-575-07467-1; Cover Art: Paul Kidby (a preview cover showed Josh Kirby's Rincewind on Binky)]
cover scan The Discworld Quizbook - The Unseen University Challenge (by David Langford; illustrations by Stephen Briggs and Graham Higgins)
"Trolls have smashed down the door, there's a banshee on the roof, the river's caught fire, the librarian has turned into some kind of ape, and this is your starter for ten...
Questions about figgins, DEATH, mind-destroying footnotes, carnivorous Luggage with lots of little legs, quantum butterflies, the magico-numerical significance of what we must always call
twice four or seven plus one, and even the precise sex of the Great Turtle who supports Terry Pratchett's phenomenal planet (via four elephant middlemen).
This is a quizbook for fans of fantasy and fun alike - and the ultimate challenge for all Discworld aficionados."

[pb: Vista, 1996; ISBN 0-575-60000-4; Cover Art: Josh Kirby]
cover scan A Discworld Quizbook - The Wyrdest Link (by David Langford)
Sequel to The Unseen University Challenge. 850 questions and answers around Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
"So you think you know your way around Terry Pratchett's Discworld? Can you say offhand just where your figgin is? Do you know Orangutan well enough to tell the sympathetic noise "Oook" from teh dangerwarning "Oook"? Are you 100 per cent sure of how to spell WIZZARD?
Or will you be...
[pb: Gollancz, 25/04/2002; ISBN 0-575-07319-5; Cover Art: Josh Kirby]
cover scan The Pratchett Portfolio (1996, with Paul Kidby)
[pb: Gollancz, 1996; ISBN 0-575-06348-3; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
cover scan The Science of Discworld (1999, with Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen, updated paperback 05/2002)
"In the fantasy universe of the phenomenally best-selling Discworld series, everything runs on magic and common sense. The world is flat and million-to-one chances happen nine times out of ten. Our world seems different - it runs on rules, often rather strange ones. Science is our way of finding out what those rules are. The appeal of Discworld is that it mostly makes sense, in a way that particle physics doesn't.
The Science of Discworld uses the magic of Discworld to illuminate the scientific rules that govern our world. When a wizardly experiment goes adrift, the wizards of Unseen University find themselves with a pocket universe on their hands: Roundworld, where neither magic nor common sense seems to stand a chance against logic.
Roundworld is, of course, our own universe. With us inside it (eventually). Guided (if that's the word) by the wizards, we follow its story from the primal singularity of the Big Bang to the Internet and beyond. We discover how puny and insignificant individual lives are against a cosmic backdrop of creation and disaster. Yet, paradoxically, we see how the richness of a universe based on rules has led to a complex world and at least one species that tried to get a grip on what was going on..."

[hb: Ebury, 1999; ISBN 0-09-186515-8; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
[pb: updated edition with two new 'science' chapters: Ebury, 02/05/2002; ISBN 0-091-88657-0; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
cover scan The Science of Discworld 2 - The Globe (05/2002, with Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen)
The Sequel to The Science of Discworld that's to pick up where part one ended. The roundworld universe has evolved, now it's time for hairless apes to take over...
"The planet Earth has picked up a parasitic life form - elves. They get everywhere. And they like humans to be superstitious, fearful and frightened of thunder. They're after our future and must be stopped... but by whom?
Enter the wizards of the Unseen University who, in the best-selling "The Science of Discworld", unwittingly created Earth and our own universe. At the time they quite failed to notice humanity. (Well, we've only been around for a million years, so we're easily overlooked...) But now, at last, they've found us.
In "The Science of Discworld II" science writers Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen join forces again with fantasy author Terry Pratchett to see just what happens as the wizards battle against the elves. The Renaissance, for example, is given a push. London is replaced by a dozy Neanderthal village. The role of fat women in art is developed. And one very famous playwright gets born and writes The Play.
"The Globe" is a unique book, weaving together a fast-paced Discworld novelette with cutting edge scientific commentary on the evolution and development of the human mind, culture, language, art, and science. The result - as the wizards grapple with the nature of Good and Evil, and history is rewritten several times over - is a fascinating and brilliantly original view of the world we live in."

[hb: Ebury, 02/05/2002; ISBN 0-09-188273-7; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
The Science of Discworld 3 - Darwin's Watch (2005, with Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen)

cover scan Discworld's Unseen University Diary 1998 (1997, with Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby)
[hc: Gollancz, 23/10/1997; ISBN 0-575-06551-6; Illustrations: Paul Kidby]
  Discworld's Ankh-Morpork City Watch Diary 1999. (1998, with Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby)
Theme of this diary is Ank-Morpork and the city-watch
[hc: Gollancz, 21/09/1998; ISBN 0-575-06660-1; Illustrations: Paul Kidby]
cover scan Discworld Assassins' Guild Yearbook and Diary 2000 (1999, with Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby)
The theme of this diary is the Assassins' Guild.
[hb: Gollancz, 1999; ISBN 0-575-06687-3; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
cover scan Discworld Fools' Guild Yearbook and Diary 2001 (2000)
[hb: Gollancz, 24/08/2000; ISBN 0-575-07103-6; Illustrations: Paul Kidby]
cover scan Discworld Thieves' Guild Yearbook and Diary 2002 (2001)
[hb: Gollancz, 27/09/2001; ISBN 3-575-07104-4; Illustrations: Paul Kidby]
cover scan Nanny Ogg's Cookbook (1999, with Stephen Briggs, Tina Hannan and Paul Kidby)
A useful and improving Almanack of Information including Astonishing Recipes from Terry Pratchett's Discworld
"'They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, which just goes to show they're as confused about anatomy as they gen'rally are about everything else, unless they're talking about instructions on how to stab him, in which case a better way is up and under the ribcage. Anyway, we do not live in a perfect world and it is foresighted and useful for a young woman to become proficient in those arts which will keep a weak-willed man from straying. Learning to cook is also useful.'
Nanny Ogg, one of Discworld's most famous witches, is passing on some of her huge collection of tasty and above all
interesting recipes, since everyone else is doing it. But in addition to the delights of the Strawberry Wobbler and Nobby's Mum's Distressed Pudding, Mrs Ogg imparts her thoughts on life, death, etiquette ('If you go to other people's funerals they'll be sure to come to yours'), courtship, children and weddings, all in a refined style that should not offend the most delicate of sensibilities. Well, not much.
Most of the recipes have been tried out on people who are still alive."

[hb: Doubleday, 1999; ISBN 0-385-60005-4; Cover Art: Paul Kidby]
cover scan Wyrd Sisters - A tale of sorcery & spells, Witches & Warts and a fool that's smarter than he looks (1996, animated movie)
"If someone thrust a new born baby into your arms and told you to look after it, what would you do? Suppose you had a sneaking suspicion it was no ordinary baby? And suppose again, you were Granny Weatherway - the most practical and pragmatic of a trio of ill-assorted witched?
But once even this problem is solved, a greater one takes it's place. After murder and skulduggery in the royal palace, the land - now ruled by a corrupt Duke - cries out for a new leader. Not the people, but the very land itself is calling for help, and the Wyrd Sisters must listen.
It's time for Granny and her two companions, Magrat and Nanny Ogg to get involved in matters both magical and regal, and give the land the King it deserves..."
[sic! on punctuation]

[1997 Channel 4 TV, Cosgrove Hall Films, Astrion]
cover scan Soul Music - Parte One - A story of Life, Death and Rock'n Roll music
(Animated movie)
"There's a weird music taking over the land - it's fast, it's furious and the call it The Music with Rocks In. And what's more....it's alive.
And even more sinister....Death's gone missing, and who can possibly be qualified - or willing - to step into his black cape and wield the scythe?"

[1996 Cosgrove Hall Films, Channel 4 TV]
cover scan Soul Music - Parte Two - The Music Continues...
(Animated movie)
"In this concluding part of the story of The Band with Rocks In, the questions are answered;
Did the Archchancellor do the Rite stuff?
Will death imbibe enough alcohol to forget?
And will he ever return to the duty?
Will The Band with Rocks In get to play a free festival?
And can Susan save Buddy from the Music?"
[1996 Cosgrove Hall Films, Channel 4 TV]
cover scan Truckers - The Video (Puppet-Animation, 'stop-motion')
"Book Lovers all over the world have been captivated by the work of best-selling author Terry Pratchett, the UK's most talented and celebrated fantasy adventure writer. Truckers was the first of his novels to be adapted for television and is now yours to own on video. Beautifully produced by award winning British animators Cosgrove Hall, and featuring the voice of Joe McGann and Sir Michael Hordern, this delightful film brings to life the
story of the Nomes.
15,000 years ago the Nomes crashed to Earth in a scoutship from the Starship Swan. Generations of them have come and gone with the passing years and the changing countryside. Suddenly faced with extinction, the ten surviving Nomes, guided by their reluctant leader Masklin, must face many exciting adventures during their search for a new home and hiding place in the big, bad world of the humans." [sic!]

[Cosgrove Hall Films]
cover scan Johnny and the Dead - Video (movie)
"An entertaining film for the whole family full of excitement, humour and fantasy, based on TERRY PRATCHETT's best-selling novel about a young boy's supernatural adventure.
Only Johnny can see the Dead. His daily walk to school involves a short-cut through a run-down Victorian cemetery. On the day Johnny learns that the cemetry has been sold to property developers, the Dead appear before him and appeal to him to save their home. To save the cemetery, a hastily-organised campaign is put into action by Johnny involving local newspaper archives, a public meeting and a confrontation with hired thugs. As the campaign progresses, the Dead, cautiously at first, venture out of the cemetery and into the outside world."

Cast: George Baker, Brian Blessed, Jane Lapotaire, introducing Andrew Falvey as Johnny Maxwell
[London Weekend Television]
CD scan Discworld (Computer Game, Graphics Adventure)
 Loosely based on 'Guards! Guards!' you have to defy a scaly, nasty, large being from The Other Side, lift the shadows over a conspiracy, find out all about LSpace and finally save life on Discworld as we know it. Finished that you can take your afternoon off.
And be warned: Here be dragons!

[1995 TWG, Psygnosis/Sony]
CD scan Discworld II - Missed, presumed ... Death. (Computer Game, Graphics Adventure)
 So what happens, if Death decides to stop with his Duty, but that dancing, drinking and partying is much more fun? Save again the world from looming doom.

[1996 Perfect Entertainment, Psygnosis]
cover scan Discworld Noir (Part 3) (Computer Game, Graphics Adventure)
 Set in Ankh-Morpork in a darkish atmosphere.
[GT Interactive/Bertelsmann, 1999]
cover scan Discworld GURPS
GURPS Dicsworld Also
"IT'S BACK - BIGGER, ROUNDER, FLATTER THAN BEFORE! GURPS Discworld brought roleplayers to Terry Pratchett's Discworld (and vice-versa). Now, GURPS Disworld Also opens new areas of the Discworld's geography and recent history for adventure.
This book includes:
*A guide to recent events on the Disc, including the Opening of EcksEcksEcksEcks and the Communications Revolution.
*Notes and GURPS packages for five new non-human types (Bogeymen, Eflkin, Gnolls, and Zombies).
*Additional Ideas and optional rules concerning Discworld magic and life at Unseen University.
*Templates to make character generation easier, from Bandits and Student Wizards to Assassins and Small Gods. (As a bonus, many of these are suitable for use in a wide range of other fantasy campaigns.)
*Campaign settings - four previously undescribed locations across the Disc, suitable as bases of operation or places for long adventures.
*Adventure ideas, from the Quest for Bananas to Sektoberfest in NoThingfjord.
All this, and rats, dinosaurs, backpackers, surfers, and a lot of people called Igor..."

[pb: Steve Jackson Games; ISBN ?]
cover scan From the Discworld
Dave Greenslade's musical impressions from the Discworld.

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